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Site Launched relaunched in 2010
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This mainstay site of the teen boy world was lost to us several years ago amid some turmoil in Russia. Who knows what really happened, but the result was that perhaps the best site ever made was gone. Just like that. Gone. We suffered, we traded old gallery photos, and we hoped.

Now the site is back online as the "theGayTeenStudio"! It is still a bit of a mystery as to who is behind the new site, but does it really matter? Not to me and to many others that just appreciate having all the wonderful photography and just amazing models back online.

Most of the old GTS models sets are there and they are being re-posted in a very nice way, though not as often as I would like. There are even some new ones, done in the wonderful way the past ones were done.

The new color scheme and the feel of the site is just right - it really makes you feel like you belong there. And who wouldn't want to belong there when you are surrounded by the likes of Marat, Semyon, and Louis.

The photography and the photo quality and eroticism at the theGayTeenStudio is just first class. No one does it better. Wonderful studio lighting, sparkling models, and that magic between the model and the camera you only find once is a great while.

Now we're talking. Outstanding photography, really nicely done with subtle lighting, earthy tones, and a truly professional equipment. The photographer shows off his skills by using side and back lighting for some sets, and bleached studio lighting for other sets. A lot of thought goes into this, as he seems to pick the more extrovert boys for the studio setup, and the quieter boys for the bedroom romance sessions, matching each boy to each scene.

Let's keep our eye on this one and see if they can pull it off for the long haul. I bet they do!

The new site is ready - relaunched now as TheGayTeenStudio with Marik and Leo is a gorgeous duo! The new site is ready - relaunched now as TheGayTeenStudio with Marik and Leo is a gorgeous duo!

The new site is ready - relaunched now as TheGayTeenStudio with Marik and Leo is a gorgeous duo!









GayTeenStudio is re-launched as THEGayTeenStudio with all the old models and many, many more new ones!

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Reviewed by joomla.user.helper.9FI7C
February 06, 2008
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Last updated: June 17, 2016
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Top of my list! Just amazing photography and models. They just sparkle!

Review Date or Under Review

Still maybe the cutest models and best photography, but the layout has not changed much since 2010 and it is not 2016


Number of Models 100+
New Models Added Monthly 4+ models
Age Range of Models 18 to 20


Pictures per Gallery 101 to 200
Number of Free Preview Pictures 1 to 10
New Gallery Schedules Weekly


Number of Videos Small Selection
Number of Free Preview Videos 1 to 10

Membership Pricing

Membership Pricing GTS uses CCBill, always a plus for me. Safe, secure, legal.
1. $29.95 for 30 days then $19.95 recurring every 30 days
2. $29.95 for 30 days (non-recurring)
3. $49.95 for 90 days (non-recurring)

You can pay by credit card, or by phone (WEB 900 - US Only).
SegPay is the backup processor.
Is the Price Worth It Absolutely - great to have the site back!!

High Points

High Points New sets weekly
More than 200 new photos a week
Outstanding artistic/erotic photography
Choice of resolution for viewing

Low Points

Low Points Serviceable site design. I am still not a fan of Ajax slideshow type previews - give me an html page I can easily download and keep the samples. Taking screenshots is a pain in the butt.

Andys Bottom Line

Andys Bottom Line theGayTeenStudio has, simply put, the best photography of any site listed, only challenged by EnigmaticBoys. theGTS would have taken my first Best Photography award had the site been online when the choice is made. They are the frontrunner for the 2010 award.
It is the most erotic and artistic - which for some viewers (me..) is the ideal. If you prefer the real hard-core stuff - sweaty, raunchy fucking, sucking, fisting and the like - then look elsewhere as GTS is not for you. If you want the sexiest teen models photographed in the most erotic and amazing ways you have ever seen, then throw down the credit card and join GTS right now!

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First Listed 2006

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